The impact project 2017 conference

This is a four day skill-building experience for tattooers, managers, and shop owners of all levels brought to you by other tattooers and shop owners. 

Overall Learning Objectives Include:

1. Career Strategies

2. Marketing to Your Target Clients

3. Client Relations & Your Booking Process 

4. Studio Management OR Art Fundamentals & Digital Design 

We do this because we care about the tattoo community. We're tattooers too so we get that you didn't get into tattooing to spend a ton of time on all the tasks that can come along with the job other than creating art. We're here to show you simple adjustments that you can make along with quick and easy things that you can do in order to really make a huge difference. 

Join us September 18th through September 21st in Atlantic Beach, NC for this one-of-a-kind workshop.  

How We Teach

Each Segment is Structured to:

1. Explain how to think about any given topic and why

3. Illustrate how to implement what we're teaching

4. Demonstrate how to scale from any starting point 

5. Point out more than one angle that you could approach 

6. Lay out the benefits and the stakes 

7. Give the opportunity for collaboration and reflection time

Special Thanks